Libro electrónico Sisco - Volume 3 - Gin Fizz

Sisco - Volume 3 - Gin Fizz — Ebook

Autor : Benec
Publicación : 16/08/2017
Idioma : English
Páginas : 46
Editor : Europe Comics
Colecciones : Sisco
ISBN : 9791032803851
Categorías : Comics & graphic novels / Crime & Mystery, Comics & graphic novels / General
Sisco is in hot water. His last mission didn't quite go according to plan. His punishment? Looking after the President's teenage daughter, Julie. Seems like a cushy number—though hardly Sisco's ideal assignment—until he discovers that gin fizz isn't the only "cocktail" young Julie is partial to. Which is particularly bad news seeing that her father is intent on bringing in a new vice law. There's worse. Someone seems to have the girl in their sights. What looked like just a babysitting job turns out to be a deadly game of cat and mouse ...

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