Libro electrónico Valerian & Laureline - Volume 23 - The Future is Waiting

Valerian & Laureline - Volume 23 - The Future is Waiting — Ebook

Autores : Pierre Christin ,
Publicación : 17/07/2020
Idioma : English
Editor : Cinebook
Colecciones : Valerian et Laureline (english version)
ISBN : 9781800449978
Categorías : Comics & graphic novels / Science Fiction, Comics & graphic novels / General
After the events of The Time Opener, Valerian and Laureline reverted to childhood, and are now living with Mr Albert on 21st century Earth. But in a universe where time travel is a reality, words like ‘after’ or even ‘now’ can be somewhat … hazy, and elsewhere, in other times, our young but nonetheless adult agents are still working tirelessly to maintain a galactic peace threatened as always by greed and the thirst for power.

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