Purposeful Profits — Ebook

Inside Successful Businesses Making A Positive Global Impact

Autor : Joanne Sonenshine
Publicación : 22/05/2019
Idioma : English
Páginas : 160
Editor : Connective Impact
ISBN : 9780999415290
Categorías : Business & economics / Business Ethics, Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development, Business & economics / Entrepreneurship

Over time, businesses have defined success by one factor: profitability. While that hasn’t changed completely, in more recent years the role of business has evolved as leaders have been focused on creating a greater positive impact.

Purposeful Profits provides first-hand accounts from those working inside successful companies, large and small, local and global, as to how this evolution has taken shape, what it means for the future of business profitability, and why being a business that is purpose-driven is as important as any other measure of success. Joanne Sonenshine shares these stories to showcase how decision making with empathy and purpose can transform a corporation from one solely seeking to make money, into one that is successful both for its profits, but also for its impact.

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