Electronic book Singuliers 18

Singuliers 18 — Ebook

No-Shows film script

Authors : Paul Melchior, Toni Melliug
Publication : 2022-01-20
Language : English
Pages : 64
Publisher : Pascal Maurice éditeur
Collections : Singuliers
ISBN : 9791097426514
Categories : Performing arts / Film & Video / General

Biennial Magazine N° 18 : "No-Shows" film script. "No-Shows" : diegetic silence and north american voice over, based on "Récit d’une descente aux abîmes" by Paul Melchior ; noises arranged by Toni Melliug & extracts from "Giuditta" by Franz Lehar, original leitmotif "Prelude to Irma" by Andrea Goretti piano ; POV shot, filming somewhere in Europe ; edition and production Pascal Maurice ; special thanks to Marcel Guilleminot, thanks to Hermitage Invisible, 66 min., final cut 2021. Synopsis – an artist, after being hospitalized, has to go back on stage for a new show ; the action takes place during his recovery after his return home, with the memory about the person who did not survive, who occupied a room across the corridor from this hospital ; this special period will be a turning point to know how to continue, because neither life nor art needs suffering.

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