Electronic book Kurt Gödel Philosopher-Scientist

Kurt Gödel Philosopher-Scientist — Ebook

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Publication : 2021-10-15
Language : English
Pages : 525
Publisher : Presses universitaires de Provence
Collections : Épistémè
ISBN : 9791036576850
Categories : Philosophy / General

Most of the essays that are collected in this volume are the outcome of talks given at the international conference Kurt Gödel Philosopher: From Logic to Cosmology that was held in Aix-en-Provence (France) in summer 2013. In addition many of the authors belong to a group of scientists who have contributed to a project with the same title under the direction of Gabriella Crocco, to a larger or lesser degree.For this reason the volume represents more than just a collection of essays on Gödel. It is in fact the product of a long and enduring international collaboration. There was a group in France that worked on the transcriptions of the Max Phil and its interpretations. It consisted of: Mark van Atten, Eric Audureau, Julien Bertrand, Paola Cantù, Gabriella Crocco, Eva-Maria Engelen, Amélie Mertens and Robin Rollinger. And then there was a group of experts in Gödel studies and logic to whom the results of this ongoing research were presented and with whom they were discussed every now and then. This group consisted of: John W. Dawson Jr. and Cheryl Dawson, Akihiro Kanamori, Per Martin-Löf, Göran Sundholm and Richard Tieszen. For the conference the group of experts was enlarged by Eberhard Knobloch and Massimo Mugnai as authorities on Leibniz – to whom Gödel refers quite often – and by several Gödel-enthusiasts who gave us great pleasure by reacting to our call for papers. The transcriptions of notebooks IX, X, XI, and XII were only made accessible to the experts for their lectures at the conference even though not all of the transcriptions are yet ready for circulation or for publication.

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