Electronic book Jungle Book - Volume 1 - The Pack

Jungle Book - Volume 1 - The Pack — Ebook

Authors : Anne Quenton ,
Publication : 2024-03-27
Language : English
Publisher : Dupuis
Collections : Jungle Book
ISBN : 9791032814901
In a world where animals reign supreme, the young orphan Moagli finds herself taken in by a family of wolves, growing up alongside them and sharing their meals, their games, and their dreams of freedom. Yet although Raksha and her family are liberated from their former way of life, Moagli feels suffocated under their constant watchful eye. Teased for her lack of fur and her timid personality, she struggles to find her place. But when Shere Khan, the malevolent tiger, threatens to tear her family apart in his hunt for the man-cub, will Moagli be able to count on her wolf brothers and on Baloo, the kindly old mentor who chose solitude over life in the pack?

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