Electronic book Ladies with Guns - Part 3

Ladies with Guns - Part 3 — Ebook

Authors : Bocquet Olivier ,
Publication : 2024-01-31
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Ladies with Guns
ISBN : 9791032814765
Categories : Young adult fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Action & Adventure
Jailed! Four of our five ladies find themselves locked up in the penitentiary. Life in the big-house is already hard enough, but when you're four women in a men's prison, it gets so unbearably hard that there's no time to fool around—barely have they moved into their shared cell, and they're already planning their escape. Even in the highly-regimented world of incarceration, the ladies always make it unclear exactly who's in charge, who wields the power, and who is tilting one side or other of the scales of justice

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