Electronic book Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Olympic Games in Ancient Greece — Ebook

Authors : Apostolidis Tassos ,
Publication : 2023-11-29
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Olympic Games in Ancient Greece
ISBN : 9791032814611
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Nonfiction
The year is 432 B.C., and the 87th Olympiad is about to begin. Through the tender story of Lydia and Kallias, we'll be guided through Elis, city of the ancient Olympic Games. We'll take a stroll through the sacred grove of Olympia, with its hallowed Temples and Treasuries, and we'll see the Prytaneion, the Pelopion, and the Bouleuterion. We'll learn all about the games and the religious ceremonies and cultural events which took place in parallel to the athletic contests. We'll talk to artists and philosophers of the day, getting a better sense of the Olympic spirit, where it came from, and how it resonates still at the modern-day Olympics. A perfect way to prepare for the upcoming 2024 Games in Paris!

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