Electronic book Harlem - Part 2

Harlem - Part 2 — Ebook

Authors : Mikaël ,
Publication : 2023-09-27
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Harlem
ISBN : 9791032814475
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Historical Fiction
The people of Harlem suffer through the Great Depression. With the assistance of police and political corruption, the criminal underbelly of New York is not underfed, and the diverse gangs of New York have set their hungry eyes set on Stephanie St. Clair's territory, hoping to divvy up her turf. Madame St. Clair, however, has a different vision of things, and her weekly column in a local paper gives voice to this vision. But the sound of this voice grates on some very powerful, very criminal nerves, and the claws of lies and violence are ready to rip her world to shreds.

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