Electronic book Elecboy - Volume 4 - The Wall of Time

Elecboy - Volume 4 - The Wall of Time — Ebook

Authors : Salaün Jaouen ,
Publication : 2023-10-25
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Elecboy
ISBN : 9791032814444
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Science Fiction
In 2060, on television, Ray Katzinger, the megalomaniac boss of Zehus enterprise, presents the final stage of his Homo Deus project: to “bring into being” a conscious and evolving AI, equipped with a synthetic body with human biomechanical properties. It will take him almost 50 years to transmute himself, become the great luminous Zehus surrounded by his angels of death, and finally give shape to his greatest creation... In 2122, in Redsalt Canyon, the battle rages between the community of scavengers, the inhabitants of the valley and the AIs, more or less humanoid, who attack the village. And the fratricidal struggle for power between Vittorio and Sylvio will reach its point of no return. Young Joshua crosses the desert carrying a little girl on his shoulders. In what remains of Los Angeles, he is about to find Namdak and Azul, the giant robot, to discover the whole truth about his origins, buried behind the monumental doors of a Buddhist temple protected by an army of monks. .. The gigantic battle between the monks, guided by a lama of stone and amber, and the electric angels will be Homeric. Continuation and end of a spectacular saga for “Elecboy”, the fantastic postapocalyptic and transhumanist mini-series by Jaouen Salaün. Its scenario is served by a striking realistic drawing and colors as spectacular as the epic finale of this series of anticipation with a rare breath and very contemporary themes.

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