Electronic book Swamplands - Volume 1 - Sombra

Swamplands - Volume 1 - Sombra — Ebook

Authors : Antonio Zurera ,
Publication : 2023-05-24
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Swamplands
ISBN : 9791032814123
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Fantasy, Young adult fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy
When a shooting star is seen falling from the sky, only one thing is for sure: great changes—for good or for ill—are afoot in the kingdom of Palantia. The princess is taken and presumed dead, causing the nobles to plot amongst themselves to install a weak-willed regent. To the north, the aging Duke Anselmo struggles to extricate himself from a border skirmish that's dragged on for generations and in the of the neighboring swamplands, denizens steel themselves for unknown upheavals.

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