Electronic book Ladies with Guns - Part 2

Ladies with Guns - Part 2 — Ebook

Authors : Olivier Bocquet ,
Publication : 2023-02-22
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Ladies with Guns
ISBN : 9791032813904
Categories : Young adult fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Action & Adventure
A posse came after our five heroes, and all five escaped with their lives. The aftermath of the battle left Daisy homeless and the local undertaker with more work than he can handle. Now, holed-up and the worse for wear, they have to plan their getaway—but only after they make sure Daisy will survive her injuries. This second installment reveals some more of the ladies' past, as the present puts them to the test. Bounty hunters, makeshift surgery, fake (and real!) dynamite, stolen dresses, and borrowed guns: all part of the adventure as these Ladies with Guns forge ahead into an uncertain future.

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