Electronic book Aristophania - Volume 4 - The Red Mountain

Aristophania - Volume 4 - The Red Mountain — Ebook

Authors : Xavier Dorison ,
Publication : 2022-12-21
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Aristophania
ISBN : 9791032813850
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Fantasy
The Banished King's plans for widespread insurrection and destruction are nearing fruition. Victor and Calixte, on the cusp of finding the miraculous Aurora Spring, have reached a dead end. And Basile appears to have abandoned his family in favor of the enemy camp. With the walls closing in on her and no allies apart from the Francoeur children and her trusted valet, will Aristophania be able to use her powers—and her instincts—to save the Kingdom of Azur?

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