Electronic book The Misfits Club for Girls - Volume 3 - Sierra

The Misfits Club for Girls - Volume 3 - Sierra — Ebook

Authors : Beka ,
Publication : 2022-09-28
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : The Misfits Club for Girls
ISBN : 9791032813621
Categories : Young adult fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Coming of Age
After helping two of their members resolve difficult issues about their past and present lives, the Misfits Club for Girls now tries to help Sierra, the angry one, who just can't seem to let go of the rage inside her that is poisoning her life. Getting Sierra to open up about her inner battles has a snowball effect, and soon, the tragic past of a friend and the present day challenges of another member also come to light. A powerful entry in this series about friendship and the empowering effect of love and support.

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