Electronic book Spirou Hope Against All Odds: Part 2

Spirou Hope Against All Odds: Part 2 — Ebook

Authors : Bravo ,
Publication : 2020-06-17
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Spirou Hope Against All Odds
ISBN : 9791032810767
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / Action & Adventure
The dark days of war are not getting any brighter in occupied Brussels. Spirou and Fantasio are on the brink of hunger and homelessness, but their ingenuity and gumption allow them to survive. While our two heroes are bringing what joy they can to the children of Belgium, the iron fist of the Nazis is tightening its grip on the country. The villainy of the oppressor hits close to home as Spirou's friends start becoming its direct victims. We know how the war ends; unfortunately for Spirou, he does not, and in its midst, his virtue and good intentions might lead him straight to the worst of its horrors.

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