Electronic book Sisco - Volume 11 - Rhapsody

Sisco - Volume 11 - Rhapsody — Ebook

Authors : Benec ,
Publication : 2020-06-17
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Sisco
ISBN : 9791032810750
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Crime & Mystery
The leaders of the French Republic are among the best when it comes to shady deals. The latest in a long line has led to some "embarrassing" documents that must be recovered from a disgraced senator and deposited in a Belgian bank. But the Russians, who are part of the deal, see their chance to get ahold of the documents themselves. Only just back on duty, and still obsessed with finding the kidnapped Manon, Sisco will have to hit the ground running if he is going to dodge bullets this time. But, as ever, the best defense is offense!

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