Electronic book Lena - Volume 3 - Into the Fire

Lena - Volume 3 - Into the Fire — Ebook

Authors : Christin Pierre ,
Publication : 2020-06-17
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Lena
ISBN : 9791032810545
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Crime & Mystery
A meeting of elite diplomats. A snowy resort in an undisclosed location. A secure communications room staffed by private security. Lena's latest adventure finds her ostensibly heading a small hospitality staff that caters to the needs of VIPs attending a top-secret summit. What better way to suss out secrets than by blending into the woodwork? In this locked-room atmosphere, egos clash and history outs its old grudges. For the issue at stake is none other than the fate of the Middle East, again to be divided by meddling powers. And these days of routine, ennui, luxury, and leisure may hide a more insidious threat...

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