Electronic book Lena - Volume 2 - The Three Women

Lena - Volume 2 - The Three Women — Ebook

Authors : Christin Pierre ,
Publication : 2020-04-22
Language : English
Publisher : Europe Comics
Collections : Lena
ISBN : 9791032810354
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Crime & Mystery
Lena thought she'd paid her dues to the French secret service. She'd gone undercover as their courier in order to avenge her son and husband, both killed in a terrorist attack. And now she has a new life in Australia. A new family. So why does she still feel so hollow inside? Lena finds herself reluctantly drawn back into the world of international espionage, this time as a tutor to Islamist suicide bombers at a remote training camp in the Georgian desert. Three girls, in each of whom she sees something of herself. But will it be enough to bring her to save them?

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