A Handbook for a More Responsible Digital Life — Ebook

Author : Bela LOTO HIFFLER
Publication : 2021-09-14
Language : English
Publisher : ADEME
ISBN : 9791029717727
Categories : Education / Computers & Technology, Computers / Buyer's Guides, Computers / Information Technology, Computers / Internet / General, Computers / Desktop Applications / General, Computers / Digital Media / General

Today information circulates constantly, in our households and daily lives as well as in our professional activity.
Information is exchanged ever more rapidly, pushing us to strive for greater reaction speed and nearly simultaneous action. As a result digital media have multiplied and proliferated, and forms of connection to digital networks are constantly evolving. Weare solicited by ever more online content, services, applications and connections.
This newly revised handbook for a responsible digital life describes practices that will help you master this technological environment on a daily basis.
The focus is on practical advice for a broad audience. With this handbook individual users will, ideally, be able to apply these practices at home and at the office.
The handbook is also written for not-for-profit groups in general, and for environmental protection organizations in particular. It can of course be used by schools, where digital technology and equipment are now being deployed on a massive scale. Local authorities and governments can use this information to raise awareness of issues and foster a commitment to sustainable digital technology in their community.

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