The Oratorio of Scented Time • The Martyrdom of Aunt Martha • Willows — Ebook

Authors : Boris Kolar ,
Publication : 2021-12-01
Language : English
Pages : 88
Publisher : Publishing house Goga
ISBN : 9789612773069
Categories : Fiction / Literary

When the mundane becomes fantastic, the uncanny feels oddly familiar. Boris Kolar’s short stories challenge the boundaries of human experience, confined by our perceptions and tainted by memory, amplifying the limits of our grasp in order to subvert them and – quite literally – go deeper. For Kolar's protagonists this can lead to bizarre turns, marvelous mishaps, and funny encounters at moments when worlds collide. Perhaps one could finally experience the true nature of being a tree or use one’s sense of smell to uncover a mistery frozen in time. On the other hand, though, perhaps one should strive not to, and simply admire the possibilities.

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