Electronic book How to quit smoking...

How to quit smoking... — Ebook

A new, disconcerting, simple and pragmatic approach

Author : Renaud Neurtolz
Publication : 2020-01-08
Language : English
Publisher : Atramenta
ISBN : 9789523405714
Categories : Self-help / Substance Abuse & Addictions / Tobacco

This short manual provides a simple and practical method to quit smoking. It makes suggestions in order to get rid of your tobacco addiction.

The approach developed here will probably not be suitable for everyone. However, considering how easy it is to implement, it is worth trying by the largest possible number of people.

Unlike many other methods, this one doesn't require the purchase of any devices and other consumables!

This publication is intended for individuals suffering from tobacco addiction. Therefore, it is not intended for people who smoke a cigarette very occasionally, after a good meal for instance, in a recreational way, in other words without addiction.

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