Assessment of Microinsurance as Emerging Microfinance Service for the Poor — Ebook

The Case of the Philippines

Author : Asian Development Bank
Publication : 2017-02-01
Language : English
Pages : 56
Publisher : Asian Development Bank
ISBN : 9789292577469
Categories : Business & economics / Personal Finance / Money Management, Business & economics / Insurance / General

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an active partner of the Government of the Philippines in developing microfinance---the provision of insurance products that meet the needs of the disadvantaged for risk protection and relief against misfortune. As a result, microfinance activities have increased, and diversified formal financial services were made available to impoverished clients at affordable costs. However, there is still the risk of making poverty-stricken clients worse off because of unexpected events, prompting ADB to create interventions that focus on microinsurance development. This report assesses the expansion of microinsurance activities based on the Philippines' experience, with guidance on next steps forward.

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