UNAVAILABLE Electronic book The Wreck of the Titan

The Wreck of the Titan — Ebook

Author : Morgan Robertson
Publication : 2021-09-16
Language : English
Pages : 150
Publisher : FilRougeViceversa
ISBN : 9783985949045
Categories : Architecture / History / General

She was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men. In her construction and maintenance were involved every science, profession, and trade known to civilization. On her bridge were officers, who, besides being the pick of the Royal Navy, had passed rigid examinations in all studies that pertained to the winds, tides, currents, and geography of the sea; they were not only seamen, but scientists. The same professional standard applied to the personnel of the engineroom, and the steward's department was equal to that of a firstclass hotel.Two brass bands, two orchestras, and a theatrical company entertained the passengers during waking hours; a corps of physicians attended to the temporal, and a corps of chaplains to the spiritual, welfare of all on board, while a welldrilled firecompany soothed the fears of nervous ones and added to the general entertainment by daily practice with their apparatus.

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