UNAVAILABLE Electronic book Canteen Kate

Canteen Kate — Ebook

Authors : Matt Baker ,
Publication : 2020-05-29
Language : English
Pages : 135
Publisher : Tacet Comics
Collections : Golden Age Comics
ISBN : 9783969170731
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Anthologies

Created by the Matt Baker, the master of good girl art, Canteen Kate is a gorgeous girl who works at the army (although she never really did any work) and was usually seen scheming and disguising herself in order to spend more time with her boyfriend, Al, who was enlisted. Her stories were published during the Korean War and her adventures were lighthearted, funny and full of slapstick humor.Sexy and silly in equal measure Kate's stories are mix of romance, screwball fun and crime solving.Tacet Comics remasters comics books from the Golden Age of Comic Books with vivid colors and optimize them for reading on modern devices.Check our collection of Golden Age comics for more awesome, page-turning and amazing comic books!

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