Electronic book Keith's Secrets (English Edition)

Keith's Secrets (English Edition) — Ebook

Bloody Seduction, Volume 1

Author : Avril Morgan
Publication : 2024-08-16
Language : English
Publisher : Laurie Toller Éditions
Collections : Bloody Seduction
ISBN : 9782958455057
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Paranormal, Fiction / Romance / Adult

In the heart of the Highlands, Cynthia Ryce delves into the dark legends of the MacKays.

A famous author in search of inspiration for her next story, she has decided to solve the savage murders of seven women. Her host, the mysterious and sexy Lord Keith MacKay, will play the role of the guide. But the mockery, humiliations, and indifference gradually turn her stay into a nightmare.

Lord Keith MacKay has secrets he must protect at all costs: he is a vampire, and the days of his new prey are numbered.

Between hatred and violence, could their forbidden love lead to the redemption of a heart that has stopped beating for decades?

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