Thought-Forms - Book 1 — Ebook

How they affect our health and life

Authors : Anne Givaudan, Dr Antoine Achram
Publication : 2020-05-07
Language : English
Publisher : Editions SOIS
ISBN : 9782916621494
Categories : Body, mind & spirit / General

Forever in pursuit of happiness, while having the unpleasant feeling of never catching up with it, is part of the sensation of ill-being with which many of us today are familiar. The action of the Thought-Forms we carry around with us constantly aggravates this state of being and everything which happens to us in our lives.

Unknown to most of us, Thought-Forms affect our health, shape our happiness and, of course, our unhappiness. They can suffocate us or drive us forward, but becoming aware of and understanding them is vital on our road to liberation. By perceiving and knowing them, we can consciously build up Thought-Forms that help us and transform those which hold us back. The first volume deals with how we can understand and recognize our Thought-Forms in order to begin this process of “transmutation”.

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