By the Spirit of the Sun — Ebook

Teachings of Jesus for the contemporary world

Authors : Daniel Meurois, Anne Givaudan
Publication : 2020-05-07
Language : English
Publisher : Editions SOIS
ISBN : 9782916621432
Categories : Body, mind & spirit / General

Many sources regularly refer to a Master of wisdom who was reincarnated in the Middle East towards the beginning of the sixties.

Some go as far as saying it was Jesus in person.

Answering a call, Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois undertook a journey to Syria. There, they were immediately contacted by a Being of Light in whom they recognized both an impressive force and gentleness which left them in no doubt...

Their story begins in the heart of Damascus, but this quickly goes backstage when the spotlight is focused on the teaching they receive. Testimony of an amazing experience, the book is like a guide for each one of us to shake off the ego's tenacious hold and construct the firmer foundations of a new consciousness.

Of burning topicality, simply written without indulgence, "By the Spirit of the Sun" addresses all those who, as seekers of Peace and Truth, no longer want to "spend their time" but act.

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