Electronic book Hydroponics for everybody - English Edition

Hydroponics for everybody - English Edition — Ebook

All about Home Horticulture

Author : William Texier
Publication : 2020-03-27
Language : English
Pages : 328
Publisher : Mama Editions
Collections : Gardens
ISBN : 9782845942677
Categories : Nature / Plants / General, Gardening / Urban, Gardening / Techniques, Nature / Plants / Flowers, Gardening / General, Gardening / House Plants & Indoor

Richly illustrated, this bible of hydroponic gardening will increase your harvests above and beyond what you thought was possible.

Whether their roots are in water, in the air, in coconut coir, or in clay pebbles, hydroponics allows you to grow healthy plants and harvest fruits and vegetables 365 days a year.
From basic gardening tips for beginners to high-tech installations and professional know-how, this comprehensive guidebook brings together everything you ever wanted to know about the art of hydroponics.
This new edition has been expanded to include a chapter on current trends, and it will answer all your questions about urban gardening, planted walls, bioponics, sustainable micro-farms, and kitchen farms.

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