Man in the Cosmic Body — Ebook

Author : Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Publication : 2021-06-14
Language : English
Publisher : Editions Prosveta
Collections : Brochures (EN)
ISBN : 9782818405895
Categories : Body, mind & spirit / New Thought, Body, mind & spirit / Mysticism, Body, mind & spirit / Meditation, Body, mind & spirit / General, Body, mind & spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth


The topics of these reflections are treated in greater detail in the following volumes of the Izvor Collection:
N° 202 – Man, Master of his Destiny;
N° 204 – The Yoga of Nutrition
N° 216 – The Living Book of Nature
N° 225 – Harmony and Health
N° 226 – The Book of Divine Magic
N° 234 – Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love

Table of Contents

The living chain of created beings
Harmony with the cosmic body
Consciousness of unity
Individual life and collective life
The science of life
Microcosm and macrocosm: the law of correspondences
The basis of economics: planning
We receive for free; we must give for free
Life is made solely of exchanges
Re-establishing contact with universal life
Working with nature spirits
Greeting creation

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