Hrani Yoga — Ebook

The Alchemical and Magical Meaning of Nutrition

Author : Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Publication : 2013-02-14
Language : English
Pages : 202
Publisher : Editions Prosveta
Collections : Complete Works
ISBN : 9782818400463
Categories : Body, mind & spirit / Magick Studies, Body, mind & spirit / New Thought, Body, mind & spirit / Nature Therapy, Body, mind & spirit / Meditation, Body, mind & spirit / General, Body, mind & spirit / Alchemy, Body, mind & spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

‘The whole world gives priority to the question of food: everyone tries to deal with it before anything else; they work for food and even fight for it. But this attitude with regard to food is still only an impulse, an instinctive tendency, which has not entered the realm of enlightened consciousness. Only initiatic Science teaches us that food prepared in the divine laboratories with incredible wisdom contains magical elements capable of preserving or restoring physical and psychic health. For that to happen, we have to know in what conditions these elements can be captured and that the most effective method for doing so is thought. Yes, human thought is capable of drawing subtle, luminous particles from the food, which take part in the construction of our entire being, and in this way we are gradually transformed.

‘When you understand this, nutrition will become a source of benefit and wonder for you, because beyond the simple fact of eating to keep yourself alive will be added greater meaning and greater knowledge; there will be other work to do, other goals to achieve. Superficially, you will eat like everybody else and the whole world will eat like you, but in fact there will be a difference as great as that between earth and heaven.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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