Electronic book Bioinspired Antifouling Surfaces

Bioinspired Antifouling Surfaces — Ebook

From Marine Applications to Biomedical Protections

Authors : Limei TIAN, Jie ZHAO, Huichao JIN, Wei BING, Rujian JIANG
Publication : 2023-02-23
Language : English
Pages : 162
Publisher : EDP Sciences
Collections : Current natural sciences
ISBN : 9782759829422
Categories : Science / Physics, Technology & engineering / Industrial Technology
Biofouling on marine vessels and bacterial growth on biomedical surfaces bring huge economic loss to our society. Traditional antifouling and antibacterial surfaces contain toxic substances or antibiotics, which can threaten the environments and raise the risk of inducing drug-resistance strains. In the long-term evolution process of natural organisms, they present multiple functions through the joint action of their own morphology, structure, and other factors to achieve the maximum adaptation to the environment. Many of natural organisms have developed antifouling and antibacterial strategies. Inspired by these strategies, lots of artificial surfaces have been fabricated and tested. They are highly efficient and environmental-compatibility, and they have potential to achieve enhanced antifouling capabilities and desirable properties by combining the characteristics of novel materials. This book focuses on the research and application of bioinspired antifouling surfaces in the two major fields—marine industry and biomedical field. It is intended for mechanical manufacturing and biomedical researchers, professionals and students.

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