Electronic book The basics of electron transport in spintronics

The basics of electron transport in spintronics — Ebook

Textbook with lectures, exercises and solutions

Author : Vincent BALTZ
Publication : 2023-05-25
Language : English
Pages : 168
Publisher : EDP Sciences
Collections : Current natural sciences
ISBN : 9782759829187
Categories : Science / Physics
Here is the ideal book to grasp the basic concepts of spin-dependent electron transport and to develop a deep physical understanding of the subject. A careful selection of key notions provides a concise and effective framework. Learning how to use these notions is successfully supported by ten extended exercises with complete solutions. Common terms and specialist jargon are clearly explained, and the way in which subtleties complicate phenomena, without altering their physical basis, is pedagogically addressed. The rigorous and harmonised system of notation and units adopted throughout the book allows the reader to navigate easily between concepts and to gain a broad view of the subject. Based on a series of lectures given to MSc and PhD students, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers, from students at the graduate level to researchers and engineers.

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