Electronic book Application of Microwave Heating in the Comprehensive Utilization of Titanium Resources

Application of Microwave Heating in the Comprehensive Utilization of Titanium Resources — Ebook

Authors : Guo Chen, Lei Gao, Jin Chen
Publication : 2022-05-12
Language : English
Pages : 272
Publisher : EDP Sciences
Collections : Current natural sciences
ISBN : 9782759826971
Categories : Technology & engineering / Industrial Technology
The titanium industry is developing at a fantastic speed in China, which is promoted by the increasing demand for high-quality titanium resources. Thus, our research group led by Prof. Guo CHEN in Yunnan Minzu University is devoted to developing microwave heating applications in the production chain of titanium, and the corresponding results are summarized in this book. This book is divided into six chapters which initially look at the response and amenability of titanium-based elements to microwave power. Upon establishing its potential usefulness in titanium processing, the book assesses and introduces the various effects of microwave for different titanium related processes, including preweakening, drying, carbothermic reduction, leaching and roasting. A wide variety of analysis tools to determine the effects of microwave on these processes were utilized to support and explain the results. These include DSC, Raman, FTIR, SEM, EDAX. Finally, life cycle analysis was used to evaluate and to optimize microwave heating devices to provide information for further development of this process in the titanium industry. We hope this compilation can provide researchers and professionals working in the general minerals processing field the benefits of the microwave technique.

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