Electronic book Sustainable food systems for food security

Sustainable food systems for food security — Ebook

Need for combination of local and global approaches

Authors : Alban Thomas, Nadine Zakhia-Rozis, Arlène Alpha, Aleksandra Barczak
Publication : 2022-06-30
Language : English
Pages : 222
Publisher : Quae
Collections : Synthèses
ISBN : 9782759235766
Categories : Technology & engineering / Agriculture / Agronomy / Soil Science, Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development

Food and nutritional security refers to the challenge of providing sustainable, healthy and accessible food to all people. From 2014 to 2020, CIRAD and INRAE led an ambitious interdisciplinary flagship programme on the transitions for global food security called GloFoodS.
This book explores issues such as food system governance, balance and discrepancies between agricultural supply and food needs, the role of innovations in providing high-quality foods and promoting resilient value chains, and the role of local resource management in achieving food security.

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