Eating in the city — Ebook

Socio-anthropological perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia

Authors : Nicolas Bricas, Audrey Soula, Chelsie Yount-André, Olivier Lepiller ,
Publication : 2020-12-22
Language : English
Pages : 158
Publisher : Quae
Collections : Update Sciences & technologies
ISBN : 9782759232826
Categories : Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development

This book explores changes in eating habits in African, Latin American and Asian cities. It reveals—through studies on city dwellers’ food practices and representations—the inadequacy of an analytical approach to these changes in terms of Westernization, standardization, transition or convergence towards a widely applicable model. Surveys conducted in cities of the Global South revealed that city dwellers are inventing new forms of eating based on a multitude of local and/or exogenous sources.

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