Water Governance for Sustainable Development — Ebook

Approaches and Lessons from Developing and Transitional Countries

Authors : Stefano Farolfi, Rashid Hassan, Sylvain Perret
Publication : 2006-08-01
Language : English
Publisher : Quae
ISBN 10 : 275920538X
ISBN : 9782759205387
Categories : Political science / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Technology & engineering / Environmental / Water Supply, Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development

The book examines how water policies, institutions and governance have shifted in recent years from supply-driven, quantitative, centrally controlled management to more demand-sensitive, decentralized participatory approaches. Such a move often also implies cost recovery principles, resource allocation among competing sectors, and privatization. The case studies demonstrate that the new policies and legal frameworks have been difficult to implement and often fall short of intitial expectations.

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