Electronic book PNEC. The French Coastal Environmental Research Programme

PNEC. The French Coastal Environmental Research Programme — Ebook

Overview of 1999-2002

Authors : Jacques Clavier, Michel Joanny, François Carlotti
Publication : 2006-06-30
Language : English
Pages : 288
Publisher : Quae
ISBN 10 : 275920264X
ISBN : 9782759202645
Categories : Nature / Ecosystems & Habitats / Oceans & Seas, Political science / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Business & economics / Operations Research, Science / Life Sciences / Biology / Marine Biology, Technology & engineering / Marine & Naval

The French coastal environmental research programme (PNEC) does basic research on coastal areas in metropolitan France and overseas. The fact that it is directed and financed by several organisations and covers a wide range of disciplines makes it a novel programme. This document is a summary of results achieved from 1999-2002, either in specific geographic areas (eastern Channel sites, bay of Seine, Mont-Saint-Michel bay, bay of Biscay, gulf of Lions, Mediterranean lagoons, New Caledonia, French Guyana) or by research themes (biogeochemical cycles, population dynamics, toxic algae blooms, hydroclimatic factors and variability, microorganisms, environmental stewardship and sedimentary dynamics).

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