Coffee: Terroirs and Qualities — Ebook

Author : Christophe Montagnon
Publication : 2006-12-21
Language : English
Pages : 174
Publisher : Quae
ISBN 10 : 275920152X
ISBN : 9782759201525
Categories : Social science / Agriculture & Food, Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development, Technology & engineering / Agriculture / Agronomy / General, Technology & engineering / Food Science

This is a new revised and enhanced version of Cafés : terroirs et qualités published in 2003. It arose form meetings between people who study coffee growing from different angles: the plant itself, a geographical and socio-economic approach; its cultivation and processing, and agronomic and technological approach.
Taking concrete examples, it analyses the relation between terroirs and qualities; it also examines the role of quality in coffee sector revival programmes, and how the coffee supply chains perform in the face of market realities. It is intended for a broad readership: researchers, students, managers in the coffee supply chain, representatives from producer groups, policy-markers and manufacturers.

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