Landscape: from Knowledge to Action — Ebook

Authors : Yves Luginbühl, Daniel Terrasson, Martine Berlan-Darqué
Publication : 2008-04-30
Language : English
Pages : 308
Publisher : Quae
ISBN : 9782759200702
Categories : Political science / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, Technology & engineering / Agriculture / General

This book is a collection of the contributions of researchers who have analysed examples of landscape actions, primarily in Europe, on the basis of actual experiences. It illustrates the diversity of situations and ideas found in Europe today and addresses the following issues: challenges facing landscape action, relationships between landscape and public space within the urban context, ideas underlying policy development and implementation and, finally, channels for public participation. It is intended for stakeholders involved in the implementation of landscape policy, as well as for students, teachers and researchers interested in the transfer of research results for the benefit of landscape action.

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