A Crucial Impetus — Ebook

Authors : Carlo Purassanta ,
Publication : 2022-10-20
Language : English
Pages : 181
Publisher : Cherche Midi
ISBN : 9782749176642
Categories : Political science / Geopolitics

Innovation is essential to shape a desirable world. Everything is still possible. It's up to us to determine our future.
The fourth industrial revolution, based on data and algorithms, seems dominated by the American and Chinese tech giants. What about Europe ? Shall we finally realized that we also have exceptional strenghts to be put to good use ?
Carlo Purassanta, former president of Microsoft France, demonstrates that this isn't a utopia. If he ardently defends an ambitious industrial renewal, it is because he has glimpsed its beginnings. The reservoirs of discruptive creativity, singular talents and entrepreneurial daring exist in Europe. We must release and aggregate new energies, deepen our digital culture and show more conviction and courage so that we can better master responsible growth.
Digital innovation is already at the heart of our environment. The idea for us is not to be under its sway, but on the contrary to choose a digital that serves the community and business. In this work, the author lays out the different paths to build a world in which technology benefits our civilization and our planet. A plea for a " crucial impetus " to be urgently made, that will permit us to seize the future and be its actors.

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