Electronic book Physics of the Earth’s Interior

Physics of the Earth’s Interior — Ebook

Inaugural lecture delivered on Thursday 6 October 2011

Author : Barbara Romanowicz
Publication : 2013-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : Collège de France
Collections : Leçons inaugurales
ISBN : 9782722602342
Categories : Science / Earth Sciences / Seismology & Volcanism

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions: the extent of certain recent natural disasters and their dramatic consequences have reminded us of the power of terrestrial phenomena and of the need for scientific research to understand the Earth’s dynamics more fully. Over the last twenty years the study of the Earth’s interior has witnessed a real revolution, owing in particular to the development of increasingly sophisticated seismic tomography techniques and the powerful computations made possible by progress in numerical methods and computer technology. Barbara Romanowicz presents us with the current progress and challenges of global seismology.

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