Atlas of Thailand — Ebook

Spatial structures and development

Author : ,
Publication : 2020-07-28
Language : English
Pages : 209
Publisher : IRD Éditions
Collections : Atlas et cartes
ISBN : 9782709922975
Categories : Social science / Developing Countries

This atlas portrays Thailand’s spatial structures and presents the country’s social and economic development in a territorial context. The Kingdom of Thailand has undergone many changes throughout its long history, and most recently during its vigorous growth from the middle of the 1980s. The maps and text give a comprehensive interpretation of Thailand’s internal dynamics as well as its regional and global integration. This is the first atlas of its kind for Thailand. It includes a wide range of spatial information and maps using various computer-assisted techniques. Seventy plates of maps, accompanied with commentary, cover significant topics such as: Thailand’s relation to the world-system, its place in Eastern Asia, and its population, infrastructure, urban network, production, income, education, intra-regional dynamics. The volume brings together experts in a variety of fields and methods. It will be a valuable tool for teachers and students, planners and entrepreneurs – indeed, for anyone eager to understand recent changes and prepare future diagnoses.

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