Undertime (English version) — Ebook

Author : King
Publication : 2023-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : Happy End
ISBN : 9782501401401
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Science Fiction, Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Ambry, a 30-year-old single generalist blogger, finds herself stuck with Phil Wensleydale, a mysterious New York photographer, when a storm disrupts their planned interview. Their first meeting, marked by frustration, quickly gives way to a captivating attraction between them. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when Phil reveals his surprising secret: he is programmed to automatically travel back in time 100 years or forward.

Despite this, Ambry is determined to lead a normal life with the man she loves for the first time. But time is against them as they fight to stay together forever. With only two months until Phil's next involuntary trip, every moment is precious. If he leaves, they will never see each other again. Phil's been there, done that, but Ambry doesn't know it yet.

Are you a fan of impossible romances, time travel and thrilling stories? Then don't hesitate to immerse yourself in "Undertime" and let yourself be swept away on a rollercoaster of emotions.

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