Sorry, If You Already ♥️ ! — Ebook

Author : Thanks
Publication : 2023-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : Happy End
ISBN : 9782501395816
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy, Performing arts / Film / Genres / Comedy

Dimitri, a 35-year-old pop icon, watches helplessly as his popularity plummets and he loses all his contracts following an act of violence against his fiancée. After serving his sentence, nothing worked in his favour. Then his former manager, who was in financial difficulties, suggested an innovative strategy to improve his image: to support the Castel-Chalonnaises association after floods damaged some of their vineyards. The tour was designed to give the impression that he was much more than a star - a true gentleman. However, as soon as his eyes fall on Céline Simon, a winegrower from Château-Chalon, Dimitri has second thoughts. From now on, he must choose between his career and pursuing a passionate romance.

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