My Manhattan Bastard — Ebook

Author : Thanks
Publication : 2023-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : Happy End
ISBN : 9782501395212
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy

Guenièvre Lauren, 32, single and an aspiring writer, wants nothing more than to make a living from her writing. Instead of being famous, she works as a waitress in a small restaurant in Manhattan. One evening, she impulsively intervenes when she thinks she's dealing with James, a major publisher of romantic comedies. Without even giving him a chance to talk, she offers James free food whenever he wants it, in exchange for the promise of publication for his book. He accepts without hesitation, but there's a little problem... James isn't the real publisher. In fact, it's Harry, a broke flower seller who looks vaguely like James. Guinevere doesn't know this yet.

With unexpected twists and turns,

humour and love, this story is as gripping as a romantic comedy itself.

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