The Enchanted April — Ebook

Author : Elizabeth Von Arnim
Publication : 2023-03-14
Language : English
Publisher : LBE Editions
Collections : LBE Classics
ISBN : 9782494162099
Categories : Fiction / Classics, Fiction / Literary

The classified ad is headed “To Those Who Appreciate Wistaria and Sunshine;” strikingly evocative words in the gloom of a rainy February in London...

In this delightful novel, four very different women, strangers united only by a profound dissatisfaction with their lives, leave behind the dreary end of a London winter to spend the month of April in a mediaeval castle in Italy.

The exuberant beauty of the Italian coast in full bloom of spring has an unexpected and powerful effect, reawakening their capacity for hope and joy. Love and friendship soon transform each of them in unexpected ways...

Elizabeth von Arnim's sly wit and keen, subtly feminist observations give this story its charm, made irresistible by the underlying warmth and humanity.

Born Mary Annette Beauchamp in 1866 in Australia, von Arnim was an English novelist. Her books were originally published under the pseudonym “Elizabeth”, a name she eventually adopted for personal use as well. The Enchanted April, published in 1922, is her most famous work and has inspired film and stage adaptations.

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