History of the Zaza people — Ebook

Author : Olivier Aymar
Publication : 2020-11-21
Language : English
Pages : 308
Publisher : Oaristys Édition
ISBN : 9782491888091
Categories : History / Middle East / Turkey & Ottoman Empire

The Zaza people are one of the first inhabitants of Anatolia (present-day Turkey), Asia Minor and Mesopotamia. Today, this indigenous people is forgotten by history.

Who are the Zazas?

In what part of the world are they located?

What is their historical évolution?

Despite many difficulties in gaining recognition for their ethnicity, the Zaza people have been able to save a primordial element which proves their existence, their language: Zazaki.

By analyzing the ancient civilizations of the region, similarities emerge between the Zazas and the Sumerians, the Hattis / Hittites, the Louvites and the Hurrians.

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