Ride the boss — Ebook

Author : Roleo.F
Publication : 2024-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : JL
ISBN : 9782491395469
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Contemporary, Performing arts / Film / Genres / Comedy

Rick is the HR manager of Arizona, a Sydney-based romance publisher. Handsome and seductive, he is every man's nightmare and every woman's dream. He is addicted to gambling and regularly spills his fortune blindfolded. The trigger was when the board of directors decided to update its rules concerning the marital status of the managers. From now on, the position of director would only be held by a married man. This news does not please our Don Juan, who is immune to love affairs.

Lena is a draughtswoman and illustrator. She has no experience in the field. But she has been looking for a vacant position for ages. Tired of depending on a crazy sister, her life is going dark every minute. Depressed and shattered by her family's opinions on her looks and career direction, she has a deadline to leave her older sister's home; to learn to cope on her own, like a true survivor. The clock is ticking.

After learning that his job is on the line, Rick decides to recruit Lena, who is chosen on the spot. His condition: to be his wife for an indefinite period of time, until things get back to normal. But Lena also wants to take advantage of this: she sets her demands. Everything you need to manoeuvre a man

A deal with the limits,

No feelings,

An indefinite period...

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