My beautiful bastard — Ebook

Author : Thanks
Publication : 2023-05-25
Language : English
Publisher : Happy End
ISBN : 9782491395346
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy, Performing arts / Film / Genres / Comedy

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Do you love romantic comedies like 'enemies to love'?

Protagonists full of character, laughter and happy endings?

If the answer is yes, this story is made for you!

Ten years after being publicly humiliated by her secret love, Brayan Lemons, Ashley has become a respected Spanish teacher in London. One day, she is approached by an agency that offers to teach one of their future clients in an intensive home-based programme. To her surprise and disappointment, the client is none other than Brayan Lemons, the man she hoped never to meet again.

Determined to sabotage this opportunity, she plans to pose as a mediocre teacher in order to be replaced. However, Brayan is determined to continue his learning with her, no matter what obstacle imposes. Their adversarial relationship is about to take an unexpected turn when they discover new secrets about each other. All this in a hilarious sequence.

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