Arrogant Billionaire — Ebook

Author : Emma J.S
Publication : 2024-06-17
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151959
Categories : Fiction / Romance / General

At the age of 33, Laura realizes she has too often played a supporting role in her own life, bringing her no benefits. A hurtful remark from a friend becomes a revelation: it's high time to spice up her existence!

She decides to leave everything behind, including her stable job, to fully embrace an exciting adventure abroad. Life, however, has its surprises: she ends up returning to her hometown, completely broke.

It's at this precise moment that Jake Clarkson, the charming billionaire with a generous heart, makes his entrance. Lost in this quaint little town and waiting for his late driver, Laura decides to pretend to be the scheduled vehicle rental agent for Jake. While this charade works wonders with Jake, Laura can't conceal the attraction she feels for this intriguing man.

Although Jake appears to be the perfect man, he has a golden rule: he doesn't tolerate lies. It's a principle he firmly stands by. Hence, it's not surprising that he's still single, instills fear in everyone, and revolves his life solely around himself.

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